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About Barabas Upholstery

Barabas Upholstery has established a solid customer base over the past 49 Years with work completed in residential and commerical areas including:-

  • Antique restoration                   

  • Office chairs​

  • Lounge suite                             

  • Gym equipment

  • Dining suites                           

  • Outdoor Seating Areas                       

  • Physiotherapy/Massage Tables/Hospitals/Healthcare            

  • Clubs and pubs including cafe and restaurant seating 

  • Recliners

  • Leather

  • Ottomans

  • Upholstery DIY supplies

  • Scatter cushions

  • Bean Bags                                 

  • Velvet

  • Children's Chairs                      

We take pride in the work we do which reflects in the quality of the finished products.  Our customers over the years have expressed their satisfaction in the quality of the work we produce.   This is reflected by the repeat business and longevity of our customer base.

Our work includes recovering and repairs to lounge suites and couches, Dining room chairs, Jason and Moran Recliners. outdoor cushions using a vast range of new outdoor fabrics that are easy to clean and are uv stabilized with mould and bacteria inhibitors they are so easy to manage.

The restoration of a great piece of furniture/

A good outcome in the restoration of any lounge suite or any single chair is to remove all of the old upholstery and inspect the joints of the frame.As with an structure, a good reliable base to start with is the most important part in having a piece that will last many years to come.The frame is what will Support everything else that is added to the frame an with most furniture that is over 15 years of age is normally a well constructed frame were we have found the newer pieces are so well constructed.After reinforcing or just checking the frame for stability is to move towards the support either coil springs,non-sag springs or webbing and using the right support will give the proper support required for a particular piece of furniture-A traditional Genoa suite would be using Coil Springs which are found in the seats,Backs,Arms and Seat Cushions.Were as a new modern design couch or chair would more lean towards non-sag springs or even Elastic Webbing once this is established we then move on to the support that will maintain the fillings or foams that are used in the restoration.Normally hessian is used over the top of the supports were the foam is to be placed so the foam will not protrude into the spring area with the foam in place we will normally place a dacron overlay over the top of the foam to use as a barrier between the foam and Fabric being Used.We all of these coming together should insure a quality job and insure years of comfort and durability.


Our Work


Our Suppliers for Upholstery

Warwick Fabrics​


          Zepel Fabrics


          Unique Fabrics  


          ​Wortley Fabrics


          Hamlins Acc

         Nolan Uda


        Dyman Foams


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